U of T professor Jordan Peterson defends his transphobia: “If that’s a hate crime then bring it on!”

Jordan Peterson
Jordan Peterson’s invasion of a free speech rally held by students literally left them speechless.

Holding a Ph.D. does not entitle one to espouse bigotry or openly embrace transphobia. Incredibly University of Toronto Prof Jordan Peterson expressed surprise that using his position to indoctrinate young minds with transphobia may come at a price.

Jordan Peterson says he’s now scared to voice his opinion. He feels that his job and life are at risk now that his transphobia has become public knowledge. But Peterson wasn’t outed. The reveal was accomplished by Peterson during lectures he published on Youtube bashing what he considers the left’s drive toward totalitarian political correctness.

Jordan Peterson
Click here to listen to a CBC interview with Jordan, TW, interviewer becomes upset at Jordan’s Trump-esque overbearing misogyny as he repeatedly interrupts her,

In his lectures, Peterson categorizes transsexuality as an ideologically-driven leftist agenda summarily denying the existence of empirical evidence that cisgender people medically differ from trans people.

Peterson said, in essence, that transgender people including ‘social justice warriors’ meaning all minorities, only wish to silence and censor. Peterson does a fine job cloaking his bigotry in eloquent verbiage, hiding it in a demand for free speech. He makes a popular appeal to the masses claiming to be imperfect in expression, but when considered without the trimmings, his articulations are nothing short of crass hate speech.

Peterson then attempts to martyr those who like himself would discriminate calling those who have differing views PC and driven by a political agenda. He loses all credibility when in his next breath he denies that people who discriminate have a political agenda.

Transgender students at the University of Toronto have received threats online since Jordan angrily railed against C-16 at a rally that they organized.

“We deplore the targeting of individuals and communities on the basis of gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, race, religion or any other ground of prohibited discrimination,” senior university administrators said in a statement about the threats reports the Globe and Mail.

A student who received crude and violent messages on Facebook said he had received threats not long after the controversy began, but the number of threats increased this week. He has reported the messages to campus police.

“I’m just really disappointed in the university because the people who are sending us these e-mails are also sending them to the president and provost. However, no one has contacted us directly,” said Denio Lourenco, a student representative at the University of Toronto Mississauga.

Mr. Lourenco, the UTMSU LGBTQ Coordinator signed a letter asking that U of T take independent action rather than wait for a student or faculty member to make a direct complaint about the psychology professor. They want Dr. Peterson to apologize and take down his videos.

“If U of T acted in the beginning, it could have stopped it getting this far,” Mr. Lourenco said.

Senior university administrators are reviewing Dr. Peterson’s videos, said Althea Blackburn-Evans, the director of media relations at U of T.

“We are just looking very closely at … the language that’s been used to see if there is a line that’s been crossed,” she said.

Dr. Peterson said he will not take down his videos or apologize. He stressed that he has a long history of good teaching reviews and a clinical practice as a psychologist.

“I have 500 hours of YouTube videos online, and I defy anyone to go through those videos line by line and find one word I’ve said that was bigoted or hateful,” he said.

“If what I put up on YouTube objecting to an unpassed piece of legislation is enough to cost me my career, then I can tell you that the university’s days are done.”

‘I’m not a bigot’ Meet the U of T prof who refuses to use genderless pronouns


According to Mississauga.com news the University said thatJordan Peterson hasn’t yet crossed the line and has a right to his opinion.

“His views are his own and universities are places where people can express opinions that are controversial. This happens all the time at universities,” U of T spokesperson Elizabeth Church said in reference to the backlash around YouTube lectures by Professor Jordan Peterson.

The videos, posted on Sept. 27 and Oct. 3, have Peterson questioning political correctness around Bill C-16, which proposes changes to Canadian law around gender identity and gender expression as well as mandatory training for U of T human resources staff that focuses on racial discrimination.

Is this man for real? Could he for a second actually believe his bigoted agenda isn’t transparent? In any case, it is for the best that Petterson knows that we will be watching.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. Sad that such a sane and well spoken guy (oh no! I said guy!) Is being attacked for simply standing up for free speech. Keep up the good fight Mr. Peterson! The people that stand behind you far outnumber the batshit crazy loonies.

  2. How you can so ignorantly fail to see his argument only has to do with free speech and only nominally anything to do with trans people is amazing to me. And in my view, doesn’t have anything to do with trans people. Because, after all, nonbinary people are not necessarily trans and in fact usually are. Also, when he says “social justice warriors” he is not talking about “minorities” he’s talking about the far-left (essentially the tea party of the left) that has risen to power over the last couple of years and employ (like the far-right) authoritarian practices that aims to silence dissenting voices. I have always supported the trans community and there should be reasonable restrictions on free speech, but Peterson’s objections to language policing in the C-16 Bill are not wthout merit and has little to nothing to do with trans people.

  3. I’ve watched all of Jordan Peterson’s lectures on this specific topic and have found them to be underscored with a lot of fear and paranoia.

    I’m looking forward to watching his normal, academic lectures to see how they compare. I understand that he is well-respected in his field, but his misinterpretation of Bill C-16 and his lack of understanding of the evolution of language (not to mention his vilifying of anyone who disagrees with him) is a divisive and unprofessional approach for someone who claims to support the importance of open, civil discourse.

  4. Wow, can’t believe this. Jordan Peterson is the most unbiased, rational, and tolerant lecturer on youtube. His video lectures would speak to how un-prejudiced he is and clears up his position behind his actions. If you’re opened minded and enjoy a bit of philosophy/psychology from a brilliant and kind-hearted individual, I recommend going through videos. He uploads every semester and is a captivating orator.


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