Two trans women murdered in Porto Alegre, Brazil



According to the news site ZH notícias, two transgender women were found dead the morning of Friday 19/02/2016 on the north side of Porto Alegre, in the Martim Félix Berta road. According to Police, their bodies were partially burned.
On the back of one of the women, Police found “X-9” sprayed, which is an expression meaning informer or squealer in criminal slang.

Both women had their hands tied and one of them had a thread around her neck, suggesting that they were asphyxiated.

Police is considering that they were murdered on another location and had their bodies dumped there. Clear signs of a failed attempt to burn the bodies were found on the spot.

At the time this first part was written, their identity remained unknown, but later news gave them names: D.L.R.Quadros e Oliveira. As they were identified by their fingerprints, their names are the birth ones. As it is considered offensive and disrespectul to name trans pople by their birth names, only the initials are given here.

Not much more info were given: asphyxiation was confirmed as the cause of death; there’s a suspicion that they were tortured prior to their death; the police does not confirm they were trans women although friends interviewed by G1 did confirm so, and police did confirm the attempt to burn the bodies and that they were not murdered at the location.

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