Two São Paulo police officers arrested for the murder of transgender woman Laura Vermont

São Paulo police already known for brutality show they are murderers too.

Laura Vermont São Paulo police

Laura Vermont

iPhone video shows a bloodied trans woman Laura Vermont running from São Paulo police cars that according to the PM’s she was driving.

The version told by the two PM to civilian police of how Laura Vermont was murdered didn’t ring true,  and their own ‘witness’ inadvertently exposed them as liars.

This murder comes on the heels of the brutal, nearly deadly beating of handcuffed São Paulo transgender woman Veronica Bolina by police.

According to R7 On the night of Friday (19), Laura left home in Vila Nova Curuçá, where she lived with father, mother and sister, to attend a party with friends in Northeast Avenue, one of the busiest on the outskirts of the eastern zone SP.

Around 4 am Saturday, Laura was seen walking desperately for Northeast Avenue, all bloodied and disoriented. Advised of the situation of the young by a call to the 190, the military police sent a car to help her. A man came to save Laura images that moment of panic.

According to the PM’s report Ms. Vermont stole their car and rammed into a house eventually hitting a pole where she fell on the ground.

After her father told the police that she couldn’t drive they begun an investigation which showed no evidence to support the PM’s version. The civil police have since collected CTV footage and combined with the video below arrested the two PMs.

Please sign the Care2 petition and Demand Justice for Laura Vermont

Trigger Warning!
The video graphically shows Laura Vermont bloodied and fleeing for her life being chased by a mob, cars and motorcyclists.

Travesti antes de ser morta by thevideos11

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10 Responses to Two São Paulo police officers arrested for the murder of transgender woman Laura Vermont

  1. Jacky June 27, 2015 at 5:41 am

    It seems that tragedy is always lurking at the lives of young trans women. No wonder you never see them grow old

  2. Joelle rael June 27, 2015 at 6:43 pm

    It’s too bad people have to try to bring us down. To hurt us. To physically harm us. I have experienced it first hand. I was in the middle of downtown Colorado Springs and was jumped by 3 men in the middle of the day all because they don’t agree with my life. It’s a shame that people like that Cheryl Miller chick can’t see the obvious. Really. Poor girl was beat the f up. She was all bloodied and all that b sees is how she was adjusting her dress. Boo.

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  6. Deborah Stillwell July 4, 2015 at 3:01 pm


  7. Brodster July 7, 2015 at 9:10 pm

    I received a request yesterday from a Petition site and signed shortly after. The brutality and sadness of this death has really shocked me, how can people be soo cruel to another? I would say that it appears we have lost our humanity but a quick look over the history of mankind would tell you that we have never really had it.
    I don’t care what Laura did or didn’t do, what happened to her is appalling. I can’t see how this could be her fault in any way. Just 18 years old and her life is finished. What does this tell our children and the children of tomorrow? Hide who you are for fear that others will not approve and may even want to hurt or kill you because of it? Isn’t that terrorism? I cannot teach my children this lesson and I will accept them for whatever and whoever they are.
    This tragedy is not an isolated issue, it is a world issue and her family and loved ones need justice. If these Public Officers killed Laura, who knows what else they are capable of, no one is safe.
    I am really sorry for Laura. I hope that she can rest in peace and be what she wants to be unlike she could be in life.

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