Two more trans women murdered in Brazil


Maria do Bairro
Maria do Bairro, a trans woman on her 20’s, was found murdered on the afternoon of Wednesday (9), around 2 pm, in an abandoned building located on Avenida Djalma Batista.

The trans woman’s body, with assault marks, was found inside an abandoned two-story building, located on the corner of the avenues Darcy Vargas and Djalma Batista, at the Chapada district, Central South Zone.

The building owner, businessman Waldomiro Pessoa, 60, found the body around 2 pm Wednesday (9) when he went to do some cleaning.

“The body was lying face down with the knees bent. The person was dressed in shorts and a tank top. The moment I saw the body, I recoiled, went to my office and called the police. The smell was very strong, I did not want to go back there and get near,” Waldomiro said.

Expertise partially found that the body had signs of aggression in the head, probably caused by a thwack. The information will be confirmed upon full examination done at the Medical Legal Institute (IML).

According to elements of the Civil Police, preliminary indications suggest that the woman was killed with a stick somewhere else and then dragged to the location where her body was found. On the floor was a blood trail.

Researchers also said that details found in the body, as the haircut, a dress, earrings, some personal belongings and the victim’s underwear position, point out that it is a trans woman and at the time of the crime was probably having sex.

According to the Civil Police, the crime took place during the early hours of Wednesday (9). Residents were able to identify the trans woman, which was known in the area as María do Bairro.

The barbecuer Jair dos Santos, 34, asked for measures to be taken in the building that turned shelter for the homeless and addicted. “Here in and out crooks. The owner has to take measures. This place is dangerous for me as a resident, and for people who come here. People who go to the mall and to college. This here turned into a point of drug users, alcoholics. There have been assaults here. This is the third body found in the building, so we ask for security because it is dangerous,” he concluded.

The crime will now be investigated by the Specialized Homicide and Kidnapping Police (DEHS). The Civil Police had military police support, in addition to the Technical Scientific Police who was on place. The IML removed the body.

Source: emtempo, a critica

In another incident, another trans woman was found dismembered in a hotel in Pernambuco street in the center of Londrina, in the late afternoon of Thursday (10).

According to experts from the Criminology Institute of Scientific Police Larissa Richter, the body of the victim, whose identity has not been released, was found under a bed and tied by blankets. The corpse was in an advanced stage of decomposition.

“The victim was found without the two forearms and the right leg. The smell was very strong at the site, indicating that she might be dead for two or three days,” police informed.

According to the Medical Legal Institute of Londrina (IML), the forearms were in a suitcase under a bed and her leg was tied with the body, which was surrounded by blankets under another bed.

According to information gathered by the journalist, a hotel employee felt a strong smell and reported that did not see a guest for a few days.

The body was sent to the Medical Legal Institute (IML) of Londrina, where authorities hope to officially identify her. The case will be investigated by the police Homicide Division of Londrina.

Source: Bonde

Needless to say that the misgendering of their identity remains a constant in the Brazilian media treatment of these murders, using male pronouns when referring to these unfortunate trans women.

A message sent to Kelli Busey editor PTG regarding our posting of the images the world sees. But there is a reason for this policey. If the global trans murder rate mirrored that of Brazil’s, Planet Trans would be tasked with reporting on 1575 more deaths, up to the present.

Recently there has been some complaints that the pictures illustrating some articles may have hurt some people’s sensibilities for being too graphic. In my mind, there’s a need to challenge peoples sensibilities in order for them to take action and really try to change things. However in an effort to appease those offended sensibilities, I decided not to post “graphic pictures” in this article. So, instead of “shock journalism” pictures, as some of the readers may call reality, and after an extensive search, I have chosen these images to illustrate these two murders.

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  1. what is wrong with this country?? I cry everytime I hear or read about another trans person killed or beaten.


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