Two more murdered while campaign to #SaveTransBrazil picks up momentum

Brazil murders
Camilla Rios Photo: Facebook

While we were launching a petition to pressure the Brazilian government to act and stop transgender killings, we heard through FB of another murder. But it wasn’t until yesterday that this murder could be confirmed by local Brazilian news.

Camilla Rios, a 32-year-old trans woman (transvestite according to media) was shot at least eight times Saturday 12, by a man riding a motorcycle behind the driver. This happened in Rio das Pedras, west side of Rio de Janeiro.

Reasons for this killing are unknown, but friends believe it was a transphobic one (homophobic according to media), one of them wrote in FB “The death of Camilla is just another case of transphobia”.

Police are looking for security cameras that may have recorded images of the killing or of the perpetrators and/or witnesses that may help solve the case.

Source: “Travesti é assassinada a tiros em Rio das Pedras

Cris Santos da Silva
Cris Santos da Silva photo

Last Tuesday, 15, Cris Santos da Silva, a trans woman, 27, was shot three times, two in the back and one in the left arm. One of the back shots hit her heart. This happened in Rua da Lima street in the Tancredo Neves neighbourhood, where she lived. No witnesses were found due to a “Law of Silence” that prevents people from talking to authorities or media, except that shots were heard.

Experts from police were at the scene collecting evidence. Family members said Cris was studying in a school called “Escolinha Mundo Feliz”, and was unemployed.

On May 2013, Cris was arrested on the suspicion of having helped in the murder of a woman. Apparently she made gossip leading to the death of the woman and was still under investigation.

Source: Segundo homicídio da noite: Travesti é assassinado a tiros no Tancredo Neves

 transgender killings

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