Two BLM Trans Activists threatened and humiliated in Miami Jail

Miami BLM Protest
Jae Bucci (L) Gabriela Amaya Cruz (R)
Jae Bucci (L) Gabriela Amaya Cruz (R) bring to light what most incarcerated transgender people experience. / Photos Instagram

Gabriela Amaya Cruz and Jae Bucci said the transphobia they endured form guards while in the Miami jail was what brought them to protest in the first place.

“I’ve been haunted by the fact that it doesn’t matter whether you’ve had your gender marker/name changed or not if you still have “male genitalia” you’ll be treated as a man, wrote Gabriela Amaya Cruz.”The police systems disregard trans bodies and goes out of their way to humiliate and make us feel so unseen/ unsafe. I was constantly being laughed at and talked about during my time at tgk by the POLICE. Not even the inmates. The people that are supposed to keep us “safe” are the ones causing us the most pain.”

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Story covered by: @haleyjl

Cruz and Bucci told the Miami Herald they were arrested July 23 along with 30 others for obstructing a roadway and brought to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

Both women say Miami-Dade corrections officers threatened to jail them with men and repeatedly interrogated them about their private body parts.

“My genitals were just a topic of conversation throughout most of the night,” Cruz said, “It’s disgusting that genitals at the end of the day are the only validation in their eyes of what it means to be female.”

they found themselves facing the same type of discrimination they were rallying against.

Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department spokesperson Juan Diasgranados would not comment on the two women’s allegations of mistreatment but confirmed it is jail policy to take genitalia of a transgender person into consideration when deciding where to place them.

“A transgender inmate shall be classified and housed based on housing availability, safety/security needs, and his/her gender identity and genitalia,” he wrote in an email. “Inmates with male genitals shall be assigned to male housing. Inmates with female genitals shall be assigned to female housing. A transgender inmate may be housed in general population or administrative confinement.”



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