Two arrested for the murder of a Transgender person in Delhi

Trans person murdered in Delhi
People who live in the Seemapuri area of Delhi live on the fringe of society without employment or identification.

Delhi India: Shafiq, a 60-year-old transgender person was murdered on July 14, 2021, at their home in the Seemapuri area of Delhi. The reporting source India Today did not identify the victim’s gender so this article will respectfully use gender-neutral pronouns.

Trans person murdered in Delhi
Police apprehended Rashid and Yoginder (center, third and fourth from the left) on July 17 / Image India Today

Dehli police, responding to a homicide call, found the victim bleeding from their mouth on the first floor of a building in the area. They shifted them to a local hospital where they were pronounced dead on arrival, the cause of death homicide.

Trigger Warning: Video reporting at the scene has been regulated to mature viewers only as it contains graphic images of the crime scene.

Police used CCTV from the area to identify two individuals who entered Shafiq’s house at 11.42 pm on July 14 and came out at 2.25 am on July 15. Police apprehended Rashid and Yoginder on July 17, in the Amroha district in Uttar Pradesh.

The two confessed to being paid 2,672 (US) to murder Shafiq by Farid, the brother of one of the culprits Rashid. According to the report Farid was being pressed to repay a loan he had taken from the victim.

India Today reports that on the night of the murder, Rashid and Yogender along with one Naushad, who is absconding at present, went to Shafiq’s residence. While Rashid waited outside to keep watch, the other two entered the house and introduced themselves as court Munshis (officals). They deceived the victim by saying that an advocate would come the next morning to settle the dues and they would stay there till then.

Shafiq then offered the Yogender and Naushad food. All three ate their meal and slept. At midnight, the two accused allegedly woke up and went to the terrace to ready an injection. They then came down, put a pillow over Shafiq’s mouth, and smothered him. They also injected a poisonous solution in the victim’s neck and strangulated him with a towel when he became unconscious.

After committing the murder, they all escaped along with the mobile phone of the victim.

As of now, main conspirator Farid and other accused Naushad are still at large. Police teams are being sent out to nab them.

SOURCEIndia Today
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