Turkish Trans Woman Buse Kılıçkaya harassed trying to attend parliament LGBT meeting

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Buse Kılıçkaya, Pink Life LGBTT Solidarity Association Chairwoman Photo: Twitter

Transgender women Buse Kılıçkaya was nearly kept from attending a landmark LGBT meeting in parliament addressing Turkey’s need to abide by the U.N. and European Union agreements that it has signed.

Buse Kılıçkaya from the Pink Life Association spoke with KaosGL.org about the incident that occurred at the security check before the press meeting:

“I have been going to the Grand National Assembly to attend these civil rights meetings since 2000. This morning we went through the pre-search without a problem; at the second search, there was a security detector marked as “woman” and I naturally chose that one. There was a commotion as they were searching my bag. I sensed that the security officer felt the need to confer with their friends about a matter. Since I had entered through here before, I assumed that the issue had something to do with the materials we brought, but that was not the case.”

If you have a blue identity card, you are a man!

Kılıçkaya, who said she’s had previously no problem entering the Grand National Assembly grounds, got held up at the security check because of the incongruence between her gender identity and the color of her official identity card.

“They told me to pass through the section for men and that men would conduct the search. Both I and my friends who were accompanying me were hurt by this. Up until this day, in protests and even during my time in prison, I have always refused to have myself searched by a man. I deem it harassment, in fact a rape when done without my consent. I am an activist involved in identity struggles in this country. The purpose of the meeting we attended today was about the need for Turkey to abide by the U.N. and European Union agreements that it has signed.”

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Source: Ömer Akpınar, “Trans kadına Meclis engeli: Mavi kimliğin varsa erkeksin!“ (“Trans woman prevented from entering the Turkish parliament: ‘If you have a blue ID, you are a man’”),  KaosGL, 19 September 2014, Translated by LGBTI News Turkey

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