Tunisian Transman Attacked In Belgium By ISIS

Tunisian Transman Sharky Attacked

Tunisian Transman Sharky Attacked

A 26-year-old Transman who goes’ by the nickname “Sharky,” was stabbed repeatedly in Brussels June 18th by four Islamists .

In 2012 after getting threats from Daech, Sharky was stabbed near his home in Carthage Byrsa, Tunisia by people claiming to be ISIS. His father saw the attack as an affront to his families name and rejected his son.

That was enough for the peaceful man who applied for and received asylum in Belgium and began living a quiet life as a sound engineer.

But the threats began anew on social networks according to Stop Homophobie Bruxelles. At first, he tried not to take the threats too seriously, even when the senders claimed to be members of the Islamic State group. Unfortunately, in recent weeks, things got even worse, with multiple instances of intimidation in the street precipitating this attack that could have cost him his life.

According to Kapitalis to his heart stopped when he same individuals approach him in Belgium.

Last Monday, 4 religious extremists stopped him at the entrance of the building where he lives and assaulted him with sharp objects. Sharky suffered trauma to the eye, 3 stitches on the front, 12 on the hands, head and 18 to 17 legs. Medical tests are underway and will reveal if there are other injuries, for Sharky now suffers from imbalance and sudden fainting and is seeing a psychologist.

He filed a complaint with the Belgian police and attached to the file evidence of threats he had received, including a letter in which extremists said he was an enemy of Allah and threatened to kill him under Islamic law to make an example of him.

” I did not do anything to these people. I want to live my life quietly. As I’m not infringing on the freedom of others, I am free. Why do they do these things, and why are they taking to lawyers and soldiers of God. God is also the sole judge us , “says Sharky, adding that his dream is to live in peace, nothing more.

The Tunisian was summoned Monday by the brigade specializing in treating terrorist cases who told him that one of his attackers was arrested and will be identified.

“I do not want my family in Tunisia to hear about my problems, because (don’t) I want to worry them. But I am determined to go through with the procedure as soon as I am on my feet.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. On Saturday in the Brussels suburb of Etterbeek, a transgender migrant from Tunisia was reportedly stabbed in the street. The transgender person, known as Sharky, was brutally beaten by his attackers, stabbed several times in the abdomen and was later hospitalised for his injuries,  reports


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