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Third Federal Court Rules Against Trump’s Trans Troop Ban

Trump's Trans Troop Ban

Three Strikes and you’re out. Too bad that criminal precedent doesn’t hold true for the biggest criminal of the land, president trump. Monday a Judge in Seattle ruled against Trump’s trans troop ban making the count oh-and-three against the bigot, but he still has one more at-bat.

Then the AP tweeted and published giving all indications that the Pentagon was going rogue.

The article understandably empathetic to our troops indicated that regardless of what Trump wanted the Pentagon was going to allow transgender people to enlist Jan 1st. 2018.

Moments later cooler heads at Slate published No the Pentagon didn’t go rouge.

But I had already repeated the AP story practically verbatim adding to the confusion and giving our readers false hope. I owe our readers an apology. I am sorry. I will do better.

Source Huffington Post: This was the second court decision to come down on Monday challenging Trump’s ban. Another federal judge ruled in a similar lawsuit in the District of Columbia earlier Monday, rejecting the administration’s request for a stay and thereby maintaining a ruling that allows transgender people to enlist in the military starting Jan. 1.

The Department of Justice said in a statement Monday night that “we disagree with the Court’s ruling and are seeking to stay the Defense Department’s obligations under that ruling as we evaluate next steps.”

A third lawsuit challenging the ban ― this one filed by the American Civil Liberties Union ― has been making its way through the courts in Maryland. In November, the judge on that case issued a preliminary injunction to prevent the administration from denying funding for sex-reassignment surgeries.

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