Trump’s Pravda, Breitbart calls for NCAA transgender witch hunt

Trump's Pravda, Breitbart
Trump's Pravda, Breitbart
Trump and committee member Steve Bannon

Donald Trump’s Pravda, Breitbart controlled by his Chief Strategist Steve Bannon wasted no time attacking transgender rights doing so the day the Senate confirmed Pete Session as Attorney General.

Trump's Pravda, Breitbart
Soviet era “Pravda”, or “truth” was used to spread propaganda alt-facts.

In an article published Feb 7th titled “Attorney General Sessions Should Investigate NCAA’s Transgender Threats, Says Sportscaster Craig James” Breitbart alternated between quotes from James, lies about transgender people and links to TERFs recent partnership attacking transgender rights,

While not an administration press release Trump’s Pravda, Breitbart calls for Sessions to investigate the NCAA in an interview with former sportscaster Craig James.

“I certainly hope the Attorney General — when he takes office — lets them know that everything is on the table, [such as items] that would benefit the student athletes and the general public as well,” James told Breitbart News, when asked about the NCAA’s transgender push.

Breitbart asked the right persons if they were looking to push an anti-LGBT agenda.

Deadspin gives us a historical perspective about Breitbart’s goto transphobe sportscaster in an article published August 2015.

“Befitting a man who espoused homophobic beliefs during a failed Senate run, believes himself to be Christian martyr, and has been dogged by allegations that he killed five hookers while at SMU, Craig James sued Fox Sports on Monday for religious discrimination, alleging that he was fired because of his “religious beliefs about marriage.”

It appears that Bannon was particularly upset that the NCAA may invoke their standards of fair play in Texas as they have in North Carolina. Is Texas Next? NCAA to pull out of NC until 2023 over HB2.

Trump's Pravda, Breitbart

Is Breitbart Trumps’s Pravda? Forbes made a good case for that opinion in an article Steve Bannon And Breitbart News: Why Everyone But The Alt-Right Fears Trump’s Top Adviser Pick and so does The Week.

Bannon has never released his financial records so it must be assumed that he, like Trump, has held onto control of his business interests. Breitbart built a reputation as a fringe extremist rightwing outlet but is now the bellwether of Trump’s agenda.  Breitbart is becoming the leading voice against free speech, like Pravda, echoing their leaders disdain for objective journalism.

Pravda Breitbart needs to rethink their brand.

The article calling for the feds to investigate the NCAA was published under the category of “Big Government” previously reserved for articles bashing big government for interfering with private citizens lives.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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