tRumps Bone Spur Military Exemption a Fabricated Favor says Doctors Daughter

bone spurs
Bone Spurs
The office where Dr. Larry Braunstein practiced podiatry in Jamaica, Queens. His daughters say he came to Donald J. Trump’s aid with a diagnosis of bone spurs during the Vietnam draft. Credit Dave Sanders for The New York Times.

The NYT is reporting that tRump’s bone spurs Viet Nam war exemption was fabricated by a foot doctor who rented an office in tRump’s father’s building.  This revelation comes amidst tRump’s military trans-ban effort, as his administration endeavors to purge the military of selfless transgender patriots.

“I know it was a favor,” said one daughter, Dr. Elysa Braunstein, 56, who along with her sister, Sharon Kessel, 53, shared the family’s account for the first time publicly when contacted by The New York Times.

Elysa Braunstein said the implication from her father was that Mr. Trump did not have a disqualifying foot ailment. “But did he examine him? I don’t know,” she said.

“What he got was access to Fred Trump,” Elysa Braunstein said. “If there was anything wrong in the building, my dad would call and Trump would take care of it immediately. That was the small favor that he got.”

Trump’s grandfather ‘kicked out of Germany for avoiding military service- CNN

No paper evidence has been found to help corroborate the version of events described by the Braunstein family, who also suggested there was some involvement by a second podiatrist, Dr. Manny Weinstein. Dr. Weinstein, who died in 1995, lived in two apartments in Brooklyn owned by Fred Trump; city directories show he moved into the first during the year Donald Trump received his exemption.

n December 1950, Woody Guthrie moved to an apartment building in Brooklyn – Beach Haven Apartments. His landlord: Fred Trump, father of Donald tRump.

Sensitive to the unfairness of two very different Americas, Guthrie penned songs of protest that spoke out against inequality and aimed to wake people up to the realities of the so-called American Dream. Recently, UK-based scholar Will Kaufman revealed how for two years in the 1950s Guthrie lived in the Beach Haven Apartments owned by Donald Trump’s father on the south side of Brooklyn. At the time, African Americans were prevented from renting apartments in the 2,700-unit complex. Eventually, in 1973, the Justice Department successfully sued the Trump family for racial discrimination with the family never having to admit guilt.

Outraged by his landlord’s bigotry Woody Guthrie penned his most scathing lines about the property developer, including the lyrics to Old Man Trump, which was recently recorded and released by Firebrand records after the original lyrics were rediscovered. “I suppose Old Man Trump knows just how much racial hate he stirred up in the bloodpot of human hearts when he drawed that color line here at his eighteen hundred family project,” so the lyrics go. –

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