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Trump wants COVID-19 to ‘wash over’ the US killing millions

Wash Over

Remember the callous phrase ‘herd immunity’ that circulated last month implying that Americans are nothing more than animals for slaughter? Trump began that concept amplified by his task forces suggesting that Americans are cannon fodder for the 1% in their version of the war on COVID-19, riffraff to waste in their insatiable drive for wealth.

The Washington Post reports that During a task force meeting in the Situation Room last month, Trump turned to Dr. Fauci, our only medically competent voice in the administration and challenged him.

It was the day the administration was adding Ireland and the United Kingdom to its travel restrictions, and Trump wanted to understand why talk of “herd immunity” — allowing the coronavirus to sweep a nation largely unchecked, with the belief that those who survived would then be immune — was such a bad idea.

“Why don’t we let this wash over the country?” Trump asked, according to two people familiar with his comments, a question other administration officials say he has raised repeatedly in the Oval Office.

Fauci initially seemed confused by the term “wash over” but became alarmed once he understood what Trump was asking.

“Mr. President, many people would die,” Fauci said.

Trump isn’t dumb, or ignorant about what he was suggesting.

Look, Planet Trans is edited by an illiterate truck driver (me), surely Trump understood as well. We published a warning early last month, while Trump was trying to muzzle the media, about the dire consequences should this virus run unchecked across America.

“Notes from UCSF COVID-19 Panel: 1.5 million Americans may die” – Planet Transgender published March 14, 2020.

“On March 10, 2020, a panel of top infectious disease researchers convened at the University of Califonia San Fransisco to discuss COVID-19. Given the variables and accounting for the tragedy unfolding worldwide its pretty certain that between 40 to 70% of Americans will be infected by COVID-19 in the next 12 to 18 months.”

“Depending on how many seek medical care at a given time up to 1.5 million Americans will die.”

Trump was counting on his Republican surrogates in Governor’s offices to take his cue, which most did, rejecting urgent pleas issue statewide stay at home orders.

Too high a price to pay.

Those Republican Governors followed Trump’s lead until their political lives were endangered by the blowback from awoken constitutes, traumatized by friends and family who are needlessly dying.

The Washington Post article continues… On Friday, Fauci expressed caution in an interview on CNN about reopening the country too soon: “I would want to see a clear indication that you are very, very clearly and strongly going in the right direction, because the one thing you don’t want to do is, you don’t want to get out there prematurely and then wind up back in the same situation,” he said.

Hours later, Trump similarly teased his upcoming choice, trying to summon the gravity of the moment.

“I have a big decision coming up and I only hope to God that it’s the right decision,” the president said.

Trump said he wasn’t responsible for people dying of COVID-19 early on, he most surely doesn’t have the right to decide that healthy people die now.

We can not wait until November to rid ourselves of Trump. For our own sake and the world’s, we must impeach him, and rid ourselves of the main cause of our suffering and death.

Kelli Buseyhttps://planettransgender.com
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. “We can not wait until November to rid ourselves of Trump. For our own sake and the world’s, we must impeach him, and rid ourselves of the main cause of our suffering and death.” People in this country that are voting republican and being hard headed about standing with trumpo, don’t realize just how low he will stoop to win a second term. And if he gets in, we are all screwed.
    This pandemic will be his way into creating an America run by his utter authoritarian rule.
    That should scare the unholy hell out transpeople especially


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