Trump Tweets support of Pride Month then Reelection Campaign


From the You just can’t make this crap up file.

Today a staffer (obvs) tweeting on behalf of the illiterate bag o bone spurs announced his support of Pride Month, a global campaign to decriminalize of homosexuality, then after a self-congratulatory retweet of Fox propaganda, his reelection announcement.

All were quickly deposed of on tweeter starting with Mercedes Allen dumping on dump.


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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. Omg, His mentality seems to be the equivalent to hiding behind a glass door and really believing nobody sees you. You can’t go kidding transgender military personnel out, then say you support the lgb”T”. That’s about as two faced as one can get. That’s hiding behind a glass door …. and to think his bullshit support, means anything is just him believing nobody sees him. Because most everyone else sees right through it. Just more hypocrisy from a classic hypocrite.
    As if that’s not bad enough he had to go spoil everyone’s weekend by announcing his re- election run.


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