Trump tells Doctors Treatment of COVID19 Transgender Patients is Optional

Trump tells Doctors Treatment of COVID19 Transgender Patients is Optional
HHS director Alex Azar, a Greek Orthodox Christian, Rolls Out “Value-Based” Health Care | Photo alt-right Daily Caller

The Trump administration quietly disseminated a memo Thursday, the last step before enacting the announced rule change removing transgender people as a health care protected class. LGBTQ Nation reported that the memo was circulated by the Health and Human Services (HHS) as Coronavirus mortality rates peaked, ravaging at-risk populations.

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Politico reported Friday that the Health and Human Services(HHS) department is close to finalizing its long-developing rewrite of Obamacare’s Section 1557 provision, which barred health care discrimination based on sex and gender identity. The administration’s final rule on Thursday was circulated at DOJ, a step toward publicly releasing the regulation in the coming days, said two people with knowledge of the pending rule. The White House on Friday morning also updated a regulatory dashboard to indicate that the rule was under review. Advocates fear that it would allow hospitals and health workers to more easily discriminate against patients based on their gender or sexual orientation.

The Williams Institute published a study this month identifying over half a million Transgender Adults out of a  population of approx 1.4 million in the US as at elevated risk from COVID-19.

According to the CDC, those who are over age 65 and those with underlying medical conditions are most at risk of serious COVID-19 illness.

  • 217,000 transgender people are 65 or older
  • 319,000 transgender people have underlying health issues that contribute to higher mortality rates.
  • 137,600 transgender people are uninsured.
  • 450,400 transgender people haven’t seen a doctor last year because they couldn’t afford it.
  • 667,000 transgender people live below 200% of the poverty line.
  • 294,800 transgender adults live alone without family or any mutual support systems.

In last year’s proposal, the health department also proposed changes that went further than simply rolling back the new Obama protections, moving to eliminate similar nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ patients that were contained in other regulations.

“If the final rule is anything like the proposed rule, HHS is adopting changes that would be harmful in the best of times but that are especially cruel in the midst of a global pandemic that is disproportionately affecting vulnerable communities and exacerbating disparities,” said Katie Keith, a lawyer and Georgetown professor who’s tracked the rule.

New: Endocrine Society opposes Administration’s effort to roll back protections for transgender health

The rule would restrict the LGBTQ population’s access to care amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Society shares the concerns expressed by the Chairs of the House Committees that oversee the Department of Health and Human Services in a letter sent to the Administration today and urged the White House to not move forward with the rule.

The regulation will weaken the previous administration’s definition of “sex discrimination” to remove protections for gender identity, among other protections. Patients could be turned away or denied medical care because they are transgender, and the Society strongly opposes restricting access to care. The Society has already signed onto a letter to HHS along with 30 other health care organizations and submitted comments expressing serious concerns with the proposed rule.

The Endocrine Society’s position is to maintain access to care and protect transgender individuals from being turned away based on gender discrimination. It’s essential that transgender care is covered by insurance, and the Society encourages further research into transgender health to address gaps in knowledge.

Slate: If I Get Sick With COVID-19, Don’t Tell My Doctor I’m Transgender

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. I happen to be of the trans experience. 1st and foremost I am human and an American Citizen. The fact that I was born in this country gives me the right to be treated as every other citizen. Trump does not have the right to say I, nor any person of LGBTQ community is anything less, regardless of religious beliefs. I am a God Damn American born, bred and served American.

  2. The leader of the Free World my ass this man is nothing but a menace to society and always will be. History will show him to be the worst president we’ve ever had.

  3. You’re Just As Guilty As Trump In The Site Of God. Is Not Trump A Republican, It Started With Him, You Idiot . A Human Is Still A-Human.

  4. Trump will end by his own cruelty, and his betrayal of(all) the people in this Country will be his downfall. Its just a matter of time so sit back and enjoy your life and don’t let this evil person take on one more second of your vauable time. Spend every moment surrounded by those you love and who lift you up not hold you down. He’s just a human being that hasn’t learned to love and respect life for what it is. Life is a gift and we will not be afraid of a man who’s evil ways contradict the flow of life on earth. So be a good person and love, help your fellow peers, and don’t let any intimidation of Trump ruin your lives by his actions. We will see his selfdestructive ways turn back on him, and we will rejoice with the feeling of satisfation as we watch his empire crash to the ground. Stay focused my Transgender family.

  5. The supreme court and a growing number of federal courts are bought and paid for and the games is indeed fixed in favor of corrupt capitalist very wealthy greedy few this has been an outright attack on the public the environment the increases medical treatment to an ever growing concentrations poisoning atmosphere water and land.we are under attack from above in our own freaking government. If an ethic would come to Washington DC it would die from corporate citizens excrement.

  6. I would really like to see a copy of the memo referenced in your article “Trump tells Doctors Treatment of COVID19 Transgender Patients is Optional”. Could someone please provide a link to the memo?

  7. I am sure we are all well aware who the people were that Hitler attacked first. Let’s hope it isn’t too late and the fight back gets real. This is a life and death struggle. Kelly be well and safe.

  8. You deserve to be pulled out of office and have us transgender people whip the living shit out of you

  9. Somebody PLEASE talk to Debra Holland,She is a member of our Congress. Our lives are at stake here in Indian Country.

  10. This is incredibly f**ked up. It absolutely blows my mind, that the people with the power to make a positive change in a large percentage of our lives, seem to have no moral compass at all. Not only is this a disgusting decision, but the fact that it was not mearly the decision on one soulless “human”, but had to be voted on by a committee of some kind, of several, just as monstrous officials.
    It saddens me to know, that there are enough people out there that actually have the same opinion as these.. people.


    Forget Party, forget Financial class, forget race, sexual orientation.. If we are all living beings, then we all deserve the same rights, liberties & freedoms as all other living beings.
    Period. There is no need for discussion or voting, protesting or argument. This is FACT.

    This new law, and the Pandora’s box of ones sure to come, is appalling. If you are human, than I must not be.
    What I am, is a living being that is going to anything that does not cause harm to another, to get this demonic act repealed.

    This is disgusting.

    This is wrong.

    This will not stand.

  11. This is UNBELIEVABLY CRUEL and should be illegal. Trump is insane. The Federal Courts need to rule this illegal! People are People!!

  12. With the Trump administration, the cruelty is the point. I fully expect Medicare to dump all of its transgender patients which will leave me uninsured, dependent on charity care from a local hospital which also has the right to refuse me as a patient. I wouldn’t last long as I am a diabetic and suffer from congestive heart failure and heart disease

  13. This is so so horrible. What can I do, living in Iceland, to support the trans community in the USA?

  14. I neglected to attribute the Politico article that this post was based on. Thank you for pointing that out.
    The other link from 2019 is valid and pertinent to the post.

  15. The Politico article linked in this article is from 2019, not 2020 – it did not come out this Saturday. The proper one is linked in the LGBTQ Nation article that is referenced in this article.


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