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Trump Desecrates St. John’s Episcopal Church

St Pauls
The scene from the White House Friday. Trump said on Saturday that the Secret Service had been prepared to sic the “most vicious dogs” on protesters outside the White House gates on Friday night.

Trump’s narcissistic personality disorder reared its profane head yesterday afternoon in his response to being exposed as a coward the night before.

To that end he had police brutalize peaceful protesters so he could march across the street and pose with a Bible in front of St John’s church.

Saint John

I am outraged. I went to our sister church, St. John’s, a smaller building far removed from DC on occasion, but as John Pavlovitz points out Jesus teaches Kingdom, not building, nor brick and mortar.

As an author, I try to stay away from religious topics, given my evangelistic tendencies and history. I truly want planet trans to equally embrace every soul on this earth, and I think we have.

To this, I must make an exception. Trump’s desecration of St. John church makes the burning of it the night before pall in comparison. The bishop whose church St John’s belongs to feels the same way, describing Trump’s message as antithetical to everything Christianity stands for.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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