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Transphobic “Mister Sister” hyped as a ‘trans anthem’ by everyone, except trans people.

mister sister

“Mister Sister” ingredients: 1 cis singer KATE PIERSON, 1 TERF Alyson Palmer, Huffpost gay editor James Nichols add Estro-Maxx SNL skit performer Fred Armisen, add lyrics sure to appeal to many gay people and presto a Trans Anthem. NOT!!

James Nichols the Associate Editor for HuffPost Gay Voices said this about Mister Sister

We’re loving the retro sound of this new single from Pierson. The video also features Fred Armisen of “Saturday Night Live” and “Portlandia” fame.

It’s a total insult that the associate editor of Huff Post gay should applaud a song so wrought with transphobic memes, but that’s just the beginning.

One of the musicians in Mister Sister video, Fred Armisen, also acted in the ultimate slap to trans people AKA SNL Estro-Maxx.

OK this suck so far but that’s not the worst.

Kathy Brennan the consummate TERF published a letter applauding Alyson Palmer, another musician seen in the Mister Sister video. Brennan applauded Palmer’s transphobic trans exclusive views regarding “women born women” spaces [and how trans women don’t belong] at the Michigan Womyn’s Festival.

So far the only ones I’ve seen call this piece of transphobic tripe a trans anthem is Kate Pierson.

Her and Huffpost gay associate editor James Nichols that is. But then looking at Nichols twitter timeline I see it liberally sprinkled with gay defamation as if it was liberating or empowering. It’s totally conceivable he’s one of those who feel they have a right to “own” defamation even if said words aren’t directed specifically at his minority.

Trans woman Danielle P so eloquently noted on her blog:

the title – it’s obvious misgendering. While it’s ok for someone to fuck with gender norms and pronouns, if this is a trans anthem about beautiful trans girls – mister doesn’t really belong in the song. If you were assigned ‘mister’ at birth, you want nothing to do with it if you identify as a sister later. Someone writing a trans anthem should probably know that.

No thanks, I don’t need a cis woman to write a “trans anthem” for me, nor do I need HuffPost or anyone else to declare it as such. The only thing the song says is what cis people think being trans is like. Although to be fair, maybe it also says what cis people are willing to do to make a quick dollar. You know, because trans is so “in” right now.

Note to Alyson Palmer. Stop it. We do not need your transphobic friends. Thank you. And by the way, we aren’t betrayed by mirrors. When I look in the mirror I see who I am,  and who I want to be. Perhaps you are speaking from your cisgender experience? And really, that’s no anthem. Of any kind.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender



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