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Transphobic TriHealth ER Nurse Quits Amid Outrage

Cindy Carter
Unredacted posts made by Cindy Carter. ‘Confused women’ in Carter’s estimate are in real life transgender men.

Cindy Carter quit her job Thursday as an emergency room nurse with the TriHealth hospital network in Cincinnati. Carter had previously been placed on administrative leave by her employers after advocates made public transphobic and homophobic facebook posts that she allegedly made. Carter said that she was hacked and denied making those posts.

Carter posted the slurs on Facebook after reading tabloid trash and right-wing fake news websites about the ‘trans lobby’ which ‘forced’ Proctor and Gamble to remove the Venus symbol from their products.

Carter was not named in Thursdays TriHealth Facebook statement announcing her resignation. A previous statement by TriHealth said that she had been placed on leave ‘for her protection’ and for the protection of ER patients. That statement would indicate that Carter had told her former employer she felt threatened by or had received threats from the LGBTQI community, specifically trans people.

This is a common tactic by TERFs (Transgender Exclusionary Radical Feminists) in which they try to elicit sympathy and create a false scenario of victimhood. TriHeath claimed that they ‘identified’ Carter when in fact they were compelled to respond when a Cinncinati council member called for a boycott.

TriHealth in the following statement venerated their former employee for 13 years of service and claimed that they did not have sufficient time to properly investigate her Facebook posts before she resigned.

TriHealth also said in the statement below that Facebook comments would be deleted in 24 hours of posting. This just as well as the ‘conversation’ apparently by cisgender people, has denigrated to calling each other scum.

What It’s Like Being Transgender in the Emergency Room

Transphobia is or should be the essence of this conversation. Not whether you have issues with people who are different from you. 70% of transgender people, myself included, have experienced transphobia while in doctors’ care.

It would be safe to say that most trans people, like myself, avoid medical institutions even when the result of doing so is detrimental even life-threatening.

There is no place for racism, homophobia or transphobia when it is disseminated by a health caregiver, especially Emergency Room professionals.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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