Transphobic Rio De Janeiro Disco Shut Down By a Trans Woman

Last weekend trans reality star Kiara Acosta was denied public accommodations because she "dressed like a whore and looked like a man"

Kiara Acosta

Kiara Acosta in front of the now-shuttered disco Rose In Rio.
Images Kiara Acosta / graphics @planet_trans

So much of what we hear from Brazil is about their new machismo president, murder and discrimination, and most of it tragically directed against the transgender community. SO It’s REFRESHING to hear about this trans woman who fought back and won the day.

Last weekend the gorgeous reality star Kiara Acosta of the Bachelor Party, found herself in a very unlikely situation of being told she looked like a man! Not just a man but a whorey man.

Federico Dickmann owner of the “Rose in Rio” bowling club was caught on video telling transgender woman Kiara Acosta she couldn’t enter because in his words she was “dressed like a whore and looked like a man”. He said that hurtfully Kiara said, “knowing that I am a trans girl”. Dickmann refused to listen to reason even after being told him about her social reach and passion for justice.

“DENOUNCE this bowling alley, boycott Rose in Rio, it is nefarious.” the social maven tweeted.

According to, the decision was made by Criminal, Contravention, and Offenses Judge No. 1 of the City, Rodolfo Ariza Clerici, who considered that ” there was sufficient evidence” to temporarily close the disco.

“In 5 days” wrote Kiara Acosta, “we achieved with a whole community of people tired of discrimination in the nefarious bowling alley Rose In Rio CLOSING after refusing me entry for “looking like a man” according to his public relations partner Fede Dickmann. And they thought that nothing was going to happen.”

In addition to the public court case, the young woman appeared at the City Attorney’s Office to file a complaint about discrimination. The new Attorney General of the City, Juan Bautista Mahiques published on his Twitter account that they will present special attention to the case.

Acosta presented a brief, together with the LGBT Ombudsman, “I want to reach the last consequences,” she concluded.


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