NetFlix’s “Insatiable” bashes with “Tranny” during pilots 1st minutes

I was hooked by the glittering Insatiable embossing the NetFlix start screen and like fish taking bait, I clicked it.

Soon afterward a beauty pageant contestant tells her greasy looking coach, much to his dismay, that she was getting political in upcoming interviews.

Contestant’s friend: We been thinking about an argument to keep trannies out of the ladies room.
Sleazy coach says loudly: You can’t say trannies!
Sleazy coach repeats softly: You can’t say trannies, it’s homophobic.
Contestant: We’re not! We want to keep the homophobes out of our country.

Shutting Insatiable down, enraged, I searched the web to see who else had been similarly affected.

Nearly 300,000 people have already signed a petition to CANCEL Netflix’s Body-Shaming Series ‘Insatiable’ after viewing the trailer.

transphobic Insaitable

Fast forward to the “Bikinis and Bitches” episode with Patty (Debby Ryan) gazing wistfully in the ladies room mirror. A transgender woman also bikini-clad comes into camera view consoling Patty “I did that too” the trans woman says. “stuck in the mirror looking at my body, wishing I was different”.
“You have an amazing body,” Patty says.
“So do you” responds the trans woman.

“I used to be fat, laments Patty.
“I used to be a guy,” says the trans woman.
Shocked Patty responds “Shit Really?

OK, this looks really bad but a pretty good dialogue follows.. except for a aux pas or two (hundred)… and that for some the entire context is a troubling problematic, boring, poorly acted, transphobic, fat shaming money grab

Is NetFlix cutting edge enough with “Insatiable” to unite a cabal of trumpsters and bullied to make war on social justice warriors? Depends on whom you ask. For most it just sucks.

But really the T-word NetFlix. Twice? Are we that dispensable?

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