TransMilitary debuts at SXSW garnering the prestigious audience award



TransMilitary won the audience award Saturday in the Documentary Feature Competition category at SXSW in Austin Texas. The feature-length film, the first to be funded by GLAAD centered on the lives of four transgender service members who routinely risk their lives in combat and their careers in the making of the film.

Much of TransMilitary was filmed before Trump’s capricious hateful TransBan tweets. The film tries to address in the last 10 minutes.  Rose Cahalan wites at the Texas Observer:

…the subjects aren’t monolithic advocates, heroes or inspirational figures. They’re just people. That may sound cliché, but it’s the fundamental truth that transphobic haters refuse to see. Surely at least a few of them — especially those who glorify the military, the power of prayer and “American values” — could be swayed by this deeply empathetic movie. This is one to watch with your anti-LGBT uncle at Thanksgiving, if you dare.

*Author Kelli Busey served in the Army during the Carter and Reagan administrations working in air defense and later in an infantry company as a platoon sergeant. I purposely worked in MOS’s that others wouldn’t do, in places others didn’t want to go. This allowed me to live openly but with the knowledge that if I was outed maliciously to the chain of command I risked a less than honorable discharge. I chose, with much sadness to end my time in service voluntarily at the end of my last enlistment. But I know of one who didn’t have that option. He was put through a living hell by the commander during separation. For far too long transgender people have served in fear of their of their own chain of command.

It is time for Transgender troops to serve openly.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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