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Transman Scott Wilson Goes Public About Rapist Who Then Gets 15 Years For Crime

Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson

20-year-old Transman Scott Wilson was raped last April at the Newcastle Tyneside Foyer youth hostel where he was living by fellow resident Shelton Dube.

Wilson didn’t know if he should report it, but after talking to a friend he did so the next day. That was courageous of Wilson to do, but he took an additional step and went public about it. That was selflessly heroic.

Scott also didn’t know that the man he was accusing was soon to be charged with raping a cisgender woman just 3 months before he was assaulted.

Scott Wilson
Shelton Dube

Dube pounced in Scott’s room after they had been out for groceries, having first told him he was “pretty” and had “very kissable lips”.

Scott, speaking at Forth Banks Police Station, said: “I thought he was joking on because I had already explained, yes, I’m a trans man, I identify as a man, I’m attracted to women, I didn’t see why he could be serious.

That was when Dube raped him.

Scott Wilson waived his anonymity as a way to tell the LGBT community it’s all right. Anyone can become a victim of assault and that there is no shame in it.

“I was unsure at first whether I would be believed. I didn’t think it would go as far as it has. But now I’m glad I did come forward because if I didn’t it would have made my life a lot worse. When he was convicted it was a massive weight off my shoulders. I can try and move on now.”

The woman, whose identity is protected by law, said: “I don’t know how long it will take me to fully trust others and be in a relationship that is not under strain from what Shelton Dube did to me.”

Robin Turton, prosecuting, said the defendant – who worked handing out flyers for Newcastle bars – was convicted after a trial in January, having claimed both events were consensual.

Scott Wilson
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