Video: #translivesmatter protest stops traffic on Santa Monica Blvd

Trans lives matter main picture

A protester raises a fist to the chant “Trans Lives Matter”!

Translivesmatter demonstrations took place yesterday across the country but the one in Hollywood shook the city.
Videos by Univison and Youtube document the transgender civil disobedience halting traffic at Vermont and Santa Monica Blvd in Hollywood USA.

Stopping traffic in LA for 30 minutes, let alone to cross with a walk light, is dangerous to say the least. Trans woman Robin Frank was present and recorded it on Youtube below. She wrote about the action in-depth at Trans and graciously told PTG how she felt knowing any one of those cars could have run the protesters over.

“We had been doing the usual speeches and chanting. Then we started marching across the intersection (with the traffic lights) and went back to the corner where we started. A while later we did it again. I was helping another woman carrying a banner and couldn’t film, then. But then they decided to place all the banners in the center of the intersection and block the intersection. That freed me up to record what was going on..”

The protest turned violent when some bystanders and motorist  attacked the protesters. Robin said “The sad part is that had it not been for that altercation, neither Univision, nor the local ABC station, the rally would have been ignored by the media.” The trans people didn’t lay down for the violent man and reciprocated in kind. Transgender Icon Bamby Salcedo, who’s life is documented in Bamby’s Story is a major player as seen in the Univison video.

Trans Lives matter

Protesters carried signs demanding  Justice for Jenifer Laude the Filipino woman murderer by a US Marine.

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