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Transition, A Struggle for Happiness.

Kristi Hicks. post photo PNGTo all the readers and members of Planet Transgender, thank you for showing interest in me. I am Kristi Hicks, a 38 year old transsexual in the final stages of my transition. Like a lot of transsexuals in my case I have opted for GRS (Gender Reassignment Surgery). It was a decision which uprooted me from a small town in the east coast of Canada and found me living a completely new life in Toronto, Ontario. Everything and everyone in my life was replaced. I am still in shock from the change which took place 20 months ago.

Surgery is a scary word for most, the mix of a grim hospital atmosphere with guaranteed pain and scaring at the end. It is not something to be taken lightly. I myself have recently undergone voice feminization surgery and am awaiting a surgery date for my GRS. For me it’s not the pain or scars that I worry about, it’s the time it takes. There is usually a lengthy wait time in between each step of the process. Details such as where you live, race, financial situation, and your physical condition can greatly effect your access to treatment. A survey by Trans*Enough is helping to take these issues into account.

For my future articles, please feel free to ask any questions related to the process or the challenges it causes. I will try to share my experience and answer a lot of the questions in future articles. When I first started my transition, information was scarce and a lot of it false. There a lot of physical and mental dangers that can be encountered with choosing a full transition, a lot of which come from a complete shortage of support. I hope that what I can share will help others like myself as well as improve awareness.

Thanks for reading 😀

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  1. Hi Jessica,

    I started out in Southern New Brunswick, but that was probably one of the worst places in Canada to transition (hence my move). Very nice people until they find out you fall into the LGBT spectrum.

  2. Kristi,

    The beginning of your story and mine sound strikingly similar. I’m Canadian, trans, from the east coast, 33 actually – – but I moved to the Midwest of the United States (Kansas City). I started transition 14 months ago myself :). What province where you originally from?

  3. Hi Renee 🙂

    I found someone much closer. I went to the surgeon who does the bulk of SRS for Canada. Dr. Brassard in Montreal did a fine job and I am incredibly pleased with the results. It is up to a 6 month healing time but after 1 month my voice is effortlessly feminine now. It’s quite a mind trip. Another great thing about the surgery itself is that if it were to go wrong, it is reversible in early stages. I will write an article on it shortly 😉


  4. Kristi-on your Facebook page you mentioned voice surgery. Did you go to Korea or did you find somewhere much closer?
    Thanks and so happy for your success.


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