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Hijras. Masibas. Transgenders. Eunuchs. Hermaphrodites. There are many names for this unique transgender community whom are located in and around India.

Maligned, poverty-stricken, India’s transgender community’s future seems preordained, or is it?

Even though the Supreme Court recently recognised the transgender people as ‘The Third Gender’, their negligence in society still remains.

Is the popular belief, embraced by many foreigners, that Hijras were once an esteemed part of India’s culture true? Or is this simply Pulp Fiction?

What is the truth about our community in India?

Many years ago, during the Mughal Empire, Hijras had a respected place in society. All of the changed with the adoption of the colonial Criminal Tribes Act of 1871, which ostracized and criminalized transgender Indians.

So what can about this?

Meera Darji is currently in her final year of University studying Media Production (Filmmaking) in England. Already an award-winning producer and director, Meera has taken a passionate interest in India’s most demonized, telling the Planet:

My Documentary aims to capture a positive exploration on their lives, culture, beliefs and most importantly their unity. Why have they become ostracised? What do they do for a living? I want to find the answers to these several questions, seeking the ultimate truth.

I want my documentary to be an eye-opener for not only the Indian society, but for all parts of the world. Hijras are perceived as negative, belittled in society, yet what people do not know, is that Hijras are optimistic, they’re helpful, their blessings and intentions are genuine. Just because of their preferred gender identity, people have marginalised them from society.

“Transindia aims to capture their spark of unity and a sense of confidence in their sexuality. Subjectively exploring their identity, culture and truly seeing them as people – to not only observe but to absorb.”

Meera Darji | Transindia Pitch from Meera Darji on Vimeo.

Meera Darji is a young ambitious Film Maker. Meera created her first short film Reality (2012) in which she received over 8 official selections and screenings at various Film Festivals. She recently won the Overall Festival Prize at the Brighton Youth Film Festival for her Documentary ‘Struggle with Life & Race against Time’ (2013). Her recent project ‘Strum for Hope’ (2013) received an Official Selection at the Children’s International Film Festival in Bangalore, India.

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