Brazilian NGO protests 70 trans murders at a screening of the Danish Girl

Transgrupo NGO Marcela Prado,

Transgrupo NGO Marcela Prado

The Transgrupo NGO Marcela Prado, a Brazilian trans group silent protest Wednesday brought together 50 members at a Curitiba cinema presentation of the film The Danish Girl, 

According to Rafaelly Wiest, director of the NGO, many cinemas refused to show the film and some prevented trans people (transsexuals) from buying tickets, claiming that they were sold out on several dates. This situation took place in Florianópolis (SC – Santa Catarina, a Brazilian state) and caught the attention of lawyers from the Sexual Diversity and Gender Committee from the OAB-PR (Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil, secção do Paraná – Brazilian Bar Association, Paraná section) in 2015. The members met and with donations, bought the tickets for the group.

In addition to watching the movie, the transgender group performed a silent protest as a way to draw attention to the number of murders in the country and in Curitiba. “Only in the first two months, more than 70 transgenders (transvestites and transsexuals) have been killed in Brazil. This is a way to make people realize that we exist and we also have the right to leisure as anyone, “said Rafaelly.

Eduarda Alice Santos at Planet Trans has documented 24 murders so far this year but acknowledges that there have been many unreported deaths despite her best efforts. This is mainly due to misgendering and deadnaming by police and media who refuse to acknowledge transphobia, conflating it with homophobia  and a judicial system that rarely prosecutes.

The group stood in front of the cinema, all wearing black, as a way to protest the death of Natasha, who was attacked by a group of young people in Curitiba that poured gasoline on her body and set it afire. Natasha died last Wednesday (24) as a result of severe burns which mainly hit the head and back. “It’s a way to remember the violence she suffered, so that does not happen to other tansgenders (transsexuals),” she said.



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