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Millwall FC Cancels TERF’s “Transgenderism and the War on Women”

Transgenderism and the War on Women
Millwall Football Club / Twitter

Millwall Football Club canceled the TERF event “Transgenderism and the War on Women” yesterday which was to feature anti-trans activist Sheila Jeffreys, Julia Long, and Anne Ruzylo.

The event page on Facebook says a new location will be found in London but it won’t be Bristol University as students voted to ban ‘transphobic’ feminists describes the event as “talks (which) will focus on the origins and nature of ‘transgenderism’ and its implications and consequences for women, lesbians in particular. Speakers will look at how concerns raised by women are being shut down through threats, harassment and accusations of ‘transphobia’, and will explore the consequences for women if men are legally recognised as female. What is the impact on women’s spaces, language and the possibility of a women’s movement? What does it mean for the future of all women? Particular consideration will be given to the impact of transgenderism on young lesbians.”

“Transgenderism” is a problematic term not used by respectable politicians, media or transgender activists. By definition, “Transgenderism” lends to the notion that our existence is enabled by new societal conscripts without which there wouldn’t be a transgender person alive.

Two hate groups with two distinctly different targets have one thing in common.

The common link between TERF’s and other known hate groups (who would rather that TERFs were eradicated), is the word “Transgenderism”.

The manning up by Millwall FC enraged the TERF activists took to Twitter bashing the machismo men of the club who true to form cast dispersion about their manhood.

Lily Madigan / Twitter

Note to other Football Clubs. You have no friends within the TERF culture as they view all men as their enemies.

This latest TERF trans bashing event appears to be in response to Anne Ruzylo’s sacking from her post as women’s officer of Bexhill and Battle, East Sussex after it was revealed by Vice that she was allegedly attacking transgender teen Lily Madigan on social media.

Politicians included in mentions were agast at the vitriol hatred displayed by the TERFs.

Kelli Buseyhttps://planettransgender.com
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. For goodness sake, just because some group or other disagrees with your perception of the world does not make them practitioners of “hate speech”. Whatever happened to, “I do not agree with what you say, but will fight to the death for your right to say it”.

    Just because some shrill harridan of a TERF wants to decry my existence, and demonstrate her ignorance of the human spectrum of life; then I say; let her. It’s no skin off my nose.

    Extremists of any cause, including both the TERFs and the Trans community, are only digging the graves of their extremist viewpoints.

    You don’t need to love your neighbour, just leave the poor sod alone.


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