Transgender workplace acceptance cited as key to Korean tech flight to US

Transgender workplace acceptance

Author Kelli Busey works in the socialy diversified microtechnology field.

During a meeting of Corea in Singapore, transgender workplace acceptance was noted as one of the reasons the US is drawing top engineers and producers from Korea.

Silicon Valley was specifically mentioned. California’s  non-discrimination laws encourage companies to have written non-discrimination policies. This in turn helps to create a socially aware, self-motivated and individually responsible workforce. Conversely, the Korean corporate model, according to the article, relies on managers creating a crisis driven mentality which in turn depresses both creativity and productivity.

At the “Corea Image Communications Institute’s “Korea CQ Forum” on Tuesday, Google executive Mickey Kim talked about his experience in Silicon Valley from 2007-13, illuminating a path for Korean companies.

“An immeasurable gap exists between the company cultures of Korea and America,” Kim said at the Singaporean ambassador’s residence. “Silicon Valley being home to Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, HP, Intel, Oracle and Yahoo, there is something special about this place.”

As an example of what helps to create an atmosphere conducive to productivity, Kim looked at the state’s diversity…

“California having large populations of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, workers were “sensitive” about the diversities of religion, gender, race, age and marital status, Kim asserted.

As a summary, it would be safe to say that LGBT acceptance backed by a corporate human relation policy requiring fair treatment of transgender people should be considered as one of the top business models.

A time prove model for success…

According to HRC Equality Index, two thirds (66 percent) of fortune 500 companies prohibit discrimination based on gender identity, compared to just three in 2000, and six of the fortune 10 companies prohibit discrimination based on gender identity.

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