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Transgender women attacked by hooligans in Colombia


A trans woman suffered a fractured leg after a group of football fans threw stones at her near the Jaime Moron Stadium, Columbia.

According to the woman, who wished to remain unidentified, the attackers wore shirts alluding to a popular football team, so it is believed that they belong to the hooligans who frequent the sports complex.

She said that the attack occurred about 11:30 pm when she was with two other trans women when a group of two men and two women appeared. They felt scared and unsafe so they decided to hide in a nearby place.

Minutes later, thinking they had walked away, the women left the hiding place and walked toward the stadium and when they were near the gas station met again with the group, which, without speaking, pick up took stones and threw them at the trans women. These ran toward the neighborhood Escallón Villa to seek shelter, but one was caught and hit, collapsing was then hit in the ankle of the right leg, which led to a broken fibula and tibia.

The attackers continued the aggressions. One of the trans women fought back returning the stones, and that made the attackers stay away.

Wilson Castañeda, director of the ONG Caribe Afirmativo (Affirmative Caribbean), reported that these assaults are common and often trans women who complain to the authorities don’t get attention.  They are rejected by police with phrases like ‘why are you here gay ‘ and  ‘Well, don’t come back when the problem is fixed.’ ”

He added that already several trans women were forced to go to medical centers because of these homophobic attacks.

The commander of the Cartagena Metropolitan Police, General Carlos Ernesto Rodríguez Cortés, said that since yesterday investigations have begun to establish the identities by the agents who received the complaints in the CAI.  Cortés said they are looking into what the reasons were for not having properly taken care of the complaints of the trans women.

He also stated that the investigations aimed also at identifying the perpetrators of the attacks, and to assist the injured person in the process of filing a complaint.

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Eduarda Alice Santos
Trans woman, activist, writer and translator from Portugal (that's in Europe)


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