Transgender woman’s brutal whipping in Brazil caught on tape

Yara Raquele
 Yara Raquele,
The brutal whipping of Yara Raquele, a transgender woman in Santa Cruz, in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

The brutal whipping of Yara Raquele, a transgender woman in Santa Cruz, in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil has outraged readers garnering over 100,000 views in two days. Journalists, stymied by the local government’s inaction and LGBT groups’ refusal to help are asking viewers to share the video hoping to identify the aggressor.

Brazil which historically has the most trans violence yearly has 160 murders so far during this TDOR reporting period.

The criminal with the gun in his belt can be heard telling Yara Raquele that she was “Broken” and was being punished for drinking and a proclivity to fight. He demanded an apology after she allegedly posted a video on social media of her drinking beer.

But according to comments on twitter, the armed man seen whipping her is a human trafficker to whom the victim owed money. They said that Yara Raquele was lucky to escape with her life.

The Middle Of The Inside which originally published about this wrote that they contacted LGBT leaders in Santa Cruz, but due to the complexity of the case and possible retribution from local violent gangs, they preferred not to comment officially, leaving it to the competent authorities.

The Forum, which followed up on the case contacted the Human Rights Ombudsman and the Coordination of Sexual and Gender Diversity of the Secretary of State for Women, Youth, Racial Equality, and Human Rights in Rio Grande do Norte and the agencies informed that they are following the case.

The Forum also noted that none of the aforementioned agencies did not return their calls until the publication of their article.

Warning! Watching this video may cause involuntary adverse reactions due to its extreme violence.

“Does anyone have information about this case? This garbage has to rot in the chain.”

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