Transgender Woman Tiffany Thomas Murdered at a Dallas Car Wash

Tiffany Thomas
Tiffany Thomas was murdered Saturday Morning. Photo / Family

Transgender woman Tiffany Thomas, 38 was found shot to death early Saturday morning April 24, 2021. A reporter on the scene was told by a Dallas Homicide Detective that the victim was a transgender woman.

Tiffany Thomas
This tweet has since been deleted

According to the original Dallas Police Crime Blog entry “on April 24, 2021, at approximately 1:45 a.m., a Dallas police patrol sergeant was notified by a passerby of an unresponsive person lying on the ground at a car wash located at 7171 American Way. The sergeant responded to the location and observed the victim, a 38-year-old person of color, [deadname redacted] unresponsive with a gunshot wound. Dallas Fire and Rescue responded and pronounced the victim deceased at the scene. Witnesses reported hearing gunshots in the area at around midnight.”

Why is the Dallas Police Department deadnaming and misgendering the victim, strong-arming me when the Trans community should be warned that a possible hate crime had been committed?

On Sunday The Dallas Homicide Detective in charge of the investigation returned my phone call. During the Call Detective Andrea Isom verified that a DPD officer on the scene told a news reporter from Fox 4 the victim was a transgender woman.

Tiffany Thomas
According to Monday’s DPD update, the victim’s name is Tiffany

Detective Isom was grateful that a member of the local trans community contacted her. She said that updates would be clearly marked in a separate area of the “Crime Blog” when more information became available.

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Sunday before her name was revealed the Dallas Voice was told by Chelsea Geist DPD LGBTQ Liaison officer that the victim presented as male and was not a transgender woman.

“Although some sources have told Dallas Voice the victim was a transgender woman and was “presenting as female” at the time of their murder, DPD’s LGBTQ Liaison Officer Chelsea Geist explained that family members told police the victim was not transgender.”

Monday after leaving a message Geist returned my call. She told me in a short terse conversation to look for updates on the crime blog.

Two days after the murder it had been edited to include the name “Tiffany” but nothing more. The update was not dated or marked as promised and the blog continues to deadname and misgender the victim with this very odd statement:

“According to next of kin, the victim does not identify as a transgender individual.”

I respect the family’s opinion but I question why the Dallas Police are repeating it as it was fact while trying to pressure me to take my article down. Why aren’t the Dallas Police investigating this properly?

It is my opinion that the DPD is withholding evidence at the behest of her family. Information that could endanger every LGBT person in Texas.

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In 2014 I wrote a post asking Phillidelphia District Attorney Seth Williams why he refused to release all of the information regarding the murder of transgender woman Nizah Morris.

And later why he lied and concealed information.

Williams furiously responded on the Sunday that I published demanding an apology and retraction while threatening a liable and slanderous lawsuit.

Seth Williams “The disgraced DA” was released from a federal penitentiary on September 30, 2020 a year early for good behaviour and is on parole for a few more years. I wish him all the best.

The Morris Home the first of its kind in the US staffed by trans folx for gender nonbinary peeps in addiction recovery. It was named in honor of Nizah Morris. Her life was tragically cut short but it was a life well spent in any case.

If you knew Tiffany Thomas please contact us at

Rest In Peace Tiffany Thomas. The trail is warm and you will have justice.
Rest in Power Nizah Morris. One day we will catch your killer. I promise.

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