Transgender woman stoned to death in Mexico

Stoned to death

An unnamed transgender woman was stoned to death Sunday. Image

A trans woman was found stoned to death Sunday morning in the town of El Zapote, Mexico.

According to the 911 emergency call, the discovery was made around 08:00 on the outskirts of the basketball court of said town.

The victim had severe injuries to the nape of her neck. Authorities believe those wounds were inflicted by bloody stones found around her head.

The victim according to was in her 20s or 30s, of a fair complexion and a light brown complexion, wearing a red blouse, black bra and blue denim skirt, as well as black sandals.

A light brown wig among the bloody rocks.

The authorities interviewed residents of the area, but they said they did not know what happened or who she was.


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