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Transwoman Stephanie Montez: Murdered, Misgendered, Deadnamed

Stephanie Montez
PFLAG will hold a rally at the Corpus Christi Federal Courthouse November 4th for Stephanie Montez

The friends of Corpus Christi transgender woman Stephanie Montez were left aghast as their search for her revealed that the Sheriff had identified her as a “man in a dress” in an inexcusably transphobic police report.

Stephanie Montez
Stephanie Montez

It wasn’t until a friend spoke up about her trans identity days later did they learn about her fate. If not for her friend speaking up we would have never known that a sister had been shot and left in a lonely field to die.

From the Oct 26th article

The Nueces County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the death of a 47-year-old man found with multiple gunshot wounds on County Road 61 near Robstown.

Capt. Monica Rios said deputies were called about the incident late Saturday afternoon.

Medical examiner Heraldo Pena said authorities initially believed the person was a woman; the person was wearing a dress and make up. They discovered later the person was male and that he had been shot in the chest, abdomen and a shoulder.

The man was identified as Juan Montes.

Today we learned that her name is Stephanie Montez.

A longtime friend of hers, Brittany Ramirez can’t imagine why someone would hurt, Stephanie Montez.

“She used to like to dance,” Ramirez told on October 27th. “She really enjoyed life. She was one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.”

Ramirez has known Montes for about 30 years. But she knew Montes as Stephanie Montez, a transgender woman whom she met while Montez performed in drag shows.

“She just had a great outlook on life. She was very supportive of everyone,” said Ramirez, 44. “… I’m hoping everyone has equal rights. It’s a human life regardless.”

PFLAG Corpus Christi will be hosting a Trans Rights Rally November 4th to bring attention to the murder of Stephanie Montez and the lack of LGBT protections in their city and state.

From the event:

“Stand with the LGBTQIA+ community as we call for justice on behalf of the transgender community! Over 20 transgender individuals have been murdered in the U.S. this year alone. Last week, here in Corpus Christi, Stephanie Montez, a trans woman, was murdered. We must end this violence.

In Texas, gender identity isn’t covered under hate crime law the way sexuality is. In addition, in Corpus Christi, we are completely without nondiscrimination protections for either sexual orientation or gender identity.”

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  1. This news is absolutely heartwrenching.
    Just so unnecessary and tragic. I hope her killer is brought to justice quickly.
    Rest in peace now our sweet sister.


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