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Transgender woman Stephanie McCarthy brutally attacked in Sydney Bar

As a rider, I should say Stephanie McCarthy is known to me and I have followed her posts and activities for some time and we have many friends in common. Last week she was excited at the opportunity that she and her band were to play a late night gig at the Town Hall Hotel in Newtown, Sydney.

It was last Friday and Stephanie had arrived early to meet friends and watch other bands perform. She was menaced and taunted by five young men, also in the hotel that night. She complained to staff about them threatening her while following her around and physically jostling her, pulling her ponytail and yelling “faggot” at her.

Despite the complaints raised, the hotel staff appeared to ignore them and kept serving them liquor. What followed was that when Stephanie eventually turned to confront the group was that she was bashed to the face by one and then held down by his friends whilst Stephanie was repeatedly beaten.


The Sydney Morning Herald reports that On-site security staff were observed to ignore the incident. Eventually a bystander, who declined to fully identify himself, intervened. It was reported from others observing the incident, that the security staff had instructed the perpetrators …” To get out of here before police arrive”.

The Town Hall Hotel declined to comment on the incident.

Inspector Andrew Garner of the Newtown police said…” The CCTV footage was not clear” and they were looking to access further footage of the incident. The police were working with the victim ( Stephanie ), making further enquiries and investigating what they have before them.

This note was posted on the bands facebook page which reads in part.

“Just got contacted by the Newtown Police. They just received the video footage from Friday night. On Sunday morning. If you were an armed robber, this would be putting the Town Hall high on your “to do” list. Get a two-day head start before the police know what you look like! Also, it has been brought to my attention that Sally, the sound woman at the Townie has been saying, both in life and online, that “it wasn’t a bashing, it was a fight”, as well as making some rather unsavoury comments about my appearance. The latter is waaaaaaaay too easy to respond to, but I wont. As for being a “fight”, the police agree that it was a “coward punch”, they also acknowledge that the offenders had “no injuries at all”, and that they were indeed safely escorted out of the premises.”

Australia has historically always presented itself as a land where traditional values rule, where every person has an equal opportunity to succeed. Where, through immigration, we are a multi-cultural people.
And I like to believe most of this is true. But none of this has meant that we escape incidences of transphobia. Trans murders are few and far between, suicides and attempts go largely under-reported and even transphobic incidents go largely unreported except in some instances in Gay and Trans friendly press. All this really seems to mean that violence and tragedy within Trans circles in Australia is kept as a silent epidemic.

Editors note.
Town Hall Hotel is one of the venues profiting from transgender slurs by hosting the event with the defamatory title “Tranny Bingo”. The Town Hall Hotel staff has a history of transphobic misogynistic behaviour by refusing to listen to the local trans community complaints.

Nicola Summers
Hi all, I am a post op Transwoman, identifying as female. I work full time in Aged Care in Melbourne and some time mid way through 2016 I will be moving to Bangkok. I am a passionate advocate for Trans rights, I fight against inequality and discrimination on all fronts. I abhor violence and discrimination based on priviledge, ethnicity, creed and colour. I am not a religious person at all, but I do have a spiritual side


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