Transgender woman Rae’Lynn Thomas shot by mothers ex Boyfriend

Rae’Lynn Thomas

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With her last breaths Rae’Lynn Thomas begged her mother “Mom, I’m dying, I’m dying, please don’t leave me.” Rae’Lynn mother Renee is in crisis because was called outside by police when she passed and couldn’t honor her last wish. Her mothers Ex boyfriend James Allen Byrd called Rae’Lynn Thomas ‘the devil’ then murdered her at her mothers Columbus home Wednesday.

Her family accepted her transition, despite the misgendering, but her mother’s boyfriend didn’t, often calling her satan.

Mother Renee told WBNS 10 “He was in the bedroom and he just came around the corner and shot my son.” .
After firing twice Renee says the 6-2’ 260 pound Byrd began grabbing whatever he could and beating the 5’5” 150 pound Rae’Lynn as she begged for her life.

“He picked up my heavy scale and wanted to beat him with that. You shot my son. How much more,” said Renee.

Renee called police who arrested Byrd before calling her out to talk to them.

She never saw Rae’Lynn alive again.

Renee wants the police to investigate her murder as a hate crime and can’t understand why they are not.

The first few moments of the video by Raven Ovah my seem out of context but please continue watching. She has many important things to say about this.

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