Transgender woman Kim Tova Wirtz found dead in a Male Jail

Kim Tova Wirtz
Kim Tova Wirtz

Trans woman Kimberly Tova Wirtz was found unresponsive at the Baltimore Central Booking unit on February 26 at 12:00 am. Wirtz was then transported from the male prison to Mercy Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Kim Tova Wirtz
Baltimore Safe Haven vigil for Kim Tova Wirtz March 5th at the ynot lot

Baltimore Safe Haven petition Justice for Kim  demands answers from Baltimore City Central Booking Unit, Baltimore City Mayor’s Office, and MARILYN J. MOSBY State’s Attorney for Baltimore City:

“On Thursday, February 26, Kim Wirtz’s niece received a devastating call from the chaplain of the Baltimore City Central Booking Unit informing them that their Aunt, Kim a transgender woman, was found unresponsive in a single cell of a male prison at midnight. She was later pronounced dead at 1:16 am at Mercy Hospital.

 Kim Tova Wirtz

STILL AS OF NOW THEY HAVE NOT BEEN GIVEN A CAUSE OF DEATH & The jail refuses to give them any detailed report Of the “incident” until they acquire an attorney. Unfortunately, because of the untimeliness of Kim’s death, they simply are not equipped to cover the cost and expenses of her arrangements let alone legal counsel.

 Kim Tova Wirtz
A toddler is asking where her auntie is tonight. My heart is breaking.


Kim’s niece has a fundraiser in which she wrote  “My grandmother is currently in hospice care in St. Paul Minnesota and is unable to travel to Baltimore to bury her child.”

My family is pleading for your help while we try to gather the funds needed to cover the cost of her homegoing expenses. We’ve found an affordable funeral home and we really need our villages and networks to band together. I sincerely thank you for your generosity, compassion, and understanding during this very difficult time for our family. Please connect with us and the resources or support you may have. We have 7 days to raise this money. We’re gonna need your help.

We don’t always give people their flowers while they’re still alive. We don’t always have the opportunity to do right by people before it’s too late. Help us afford to do Right by Kim, Kim has always put others first. We just want to lay her to rest with some dignity. Thank you again! Please donate to her fundraiser by clicking here.

Rest In Peace Kim Tova Wirtz

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