Transgender Woman Kara Brault faces 3 years for torching an occupied police car

Kara Brault
 Kara Brault
The image that stunned a nation

A French prosecutor has asked that anarchist Kara Brault an American Transgender woman be sentenced to three years for her part in setting an occupied police car on fire during a riot in 2016. Once Kara Brault has completed the sentence according to the terms set by the prosecutor she would then be barred from French territory.

Brault who was identified in earlier articles as Kara B., can be seen throwing a pipe at the back window of a police car which another of the gang tossed an incendiary device through. The two police officers Kevin Philippy and Allison Barthelemy were unprepared for the level of violence jumped out of the car only to find themselves beset upon by rioters.

Reuters reports eight defendants aged between 20 and 40 have been appearing before the Paris Criminal Court on Tuesday for an attack on a demonstration against a police rally denouncing “anti-cop hatred”.

Among them were two brothers, Angel and Antonin Bernanos, 20 and 23 years old, students, direct descendants of the writer Georges Bernanos, who claimed responsibility for the anti-fascist struggle and denied any involvement in the aggression of the two peacekeepers.

As the court was sitting, French President  Macron was attending the weekly cabinet meeting, where he accused some of his left-wing opponents of encouraging the anarchists who set fire to a gendarmes’ premises in the French Alps city of Grenoble on Wednesday night.

The president criticised “hate-filled statements” by “extreme left-wingers” during the campaign against his labour reform, claiming that they “opened the way for radical activists” such as those who carried out the arson attack, government spokesman Christophe Castaner told the press after the meeting.

Anarchist website carried a claim of responsibility for the attack, saying it was “an act of solidarity” with the defendants in the Paris trial specifically naming Kara Brault.

The reporter for the news organization InfoCritiqueWeb who captured the youtube which stunned the nation wrote “The (Anti-Police) protest is part of what is called a “wild protest”, which is intended to roam the streets, shouting slogans, without any planned journeys, in all anarchy.”

By reflex, I activate my camera immediately, and I’m beginning to turn the images that the whole world has to watch on his television station. The young man dressed in black, previously speaking to me, hit a very powerful blow to the front window, the driver, which completely breaks the glass. Everything’s going very fast. There’s a second shot at officer Kevin, driver’s seat.

the projectiles continued to fall on the police car, completely blocked in the back of a black car, which had stopped because of a traffic light. “the aggressor” begins to strike at the back of the vehicle to try to crack it, which it can’t do. While another casseur approaches the rear of the car with an anti-parking plot, he throws it, which completely destroys the rear windshield of the vehicle. A second, more determined to my taste, briefly casts its smoke in the back seat, causing a slight smoke, and then the fire of the vehicle.

When you see this scene, the policeman decides to get out of the vehicle. He was quickly caught by one of the thugs, and struck at the head level with a blue-Colored Broom Handle. The former security assistant decides to defend himself as he can with his arms, and runs a little further. A peaceful protester separates the policeman from the attacker.

And another protester, different from the one who broke the rear windshield, is approaching the passenger side, to extract the peacekeeper from the vehicle that begins to burn slowly. The Police vehicle is completely on the quay of valmy, and several journalists were present to film / Photograph the “scene”. I keep filming the car, and then I move a little further to avoid possible explosions.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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