Transgender woman found dead in San Camillo Forlanini Italy.

Italy trans woman found dead

Transgender woman found dead between dumpsters. Photo and article source

Naked breasts, her face gaunt, her hair blacks gathered, and skinny arms folded on a couple of colorful blankets. Her eyes were closed like she was sleeping.

That’s how she was found the body of a transsexual, yesterday morning, in one of the caves near the mortuary of the San Camillo Forlanini in Monteverde.

A first glimpse of the lifeless body, almost completely naked, lying on the ground, belly up, in the midst of dust and waste, under the brick arch of the embankment, was an Albanian woman, perhaps  homeless, that around 8:30 in the morning wandering around the morgue, looking for something to eat, maybe after spending the night in the area frequented by the homeless at night.


It was she who gave the alarm to the 118, whose headquarters is only a few meters from the place of discovery. The medical courses locally gathered before a gruesome scene: the corpse with obvious signs already dark, a sign of death is not recent, with the flashy boob job that apparently could suggest a woman. And indeed ajar the blanket, which left only partially uncovered legs, the slip, only garment worn, revealed her sexual identity  about 40 years, born to amle body. Have taken place immediately agents of the police station near Monteverde directed by Antonio Roberti, the Scientific, firefighters and Municipal.

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Maybe he was sick. No word yet if it is a natural death or otherwise. On the body were not disclosed, at least to a preliminary survey, signs of violence. It seems strange, however, that with the cold these days, a homeless woman who spends the night in a place like outdoors, may have slept naked with only a blanket.


Who gave the warning said that “the corpse inside the cave was locked from the outside.” Hypotheses that might suggest that the corpse was transported there. Yesterday in fact the iron gate that gives access to the site was closed by a chain with a padlock.

Area, known as the caves of San Camillo, is accessed from Salita San Carlo, a side street of Via Portuense, at the gas station before the railway bridge, an entrance known and practiced mainly by employees of the Hospital of Monteverde , whose main entrance is on Circonvallazione Gianicolense.

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