Transgender woman arrested for shooting at Burger King Employees

Dakota Kern
Police video showing Dakota Kern firing at fleeing Burger King workers

A Glendale Az transgender woman with a history of violent incidents was arrested for shooting at Burger King employees last March. FOX 10 Phoenix reports that 22-year-old Dakota Kern was riding in a car with her friend, who was picking up food as a driver for Postmates.

Dakota Kern
Dakota Kern / Fox video

According to detectives, the driver’s order was wrong so the car left the drive-thru and proceeded to the front entrance. Officers say Kern yelled at two employees, alleging one of them used a racial slur at her friend, and started throwing things at them. One of the employees was hit in the stomach, and the driver and Kern left the restaurant.

Survalience video of the incident shows employees following the group as they went to leave. That is when Kern began chasing them with a handgun, firing wildly.

No one was wounded, but a couple of rounds struck random cars, one lodging in the headrest of a motorist who was driving by.

In April Police arrested Kern at her Phoenix home. She faces eight charges, including seven felonies. It is unclear why it took police five months to make this information public.

A reader commenting on a previous incident in which Kern was attacked by a group at a pool party in 2017, said Kern who was 18 at the time, had attacked a much younger youth a couple of days before. He said the pool party beating wasn’t a hate crime as Kern alleged, but retribution for her alleged assault on a smaller younger person of color.

Planet Trans has contacted Glendale AZ Police for further information.

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