Transgender woman Alexia Dupree in critical condition after beating

Local media says the attack was due to her "life style" and "Appearance" but rule out transphobia as a reason.

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Transgender woman Alexia Dupree cries for help led friends to her after she was brutally beaten and robbed Wednesday. One month ago Alejandra Leos was shot in this city well known for its transphobic violence. “Very heart filled, loving, kind person,” friend James Houston said. “It’s so shocking that someone would do this, because she would give the clothes off her back to help someone else”

Memphis police were called to 69 North Cleveland Street near a Midtown church after someone heard loud screaming.
The victim told police she was behind a building, a block away from the church, when someone dragged her down stairs and robbed her. After stealing a purse, the robber stabbed Taylor and hit her in the head with a brick.

Medical crews took the victim to Regional Medical Center, where she was later upgraded to critical condition.


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