Transgender woman Alexandra Monteiro Murdered in Brazil

Alexandra Monteiro
Alexandra Monteiro

Transgender woman Alexandra Monteiro, 30, was found dead on March 7th at her residence in the Altos do Cuiabá neighborhood, Mato Grosso, Brazil.

Alexandra’s mother said she spoke to her daughter on Friday, but became concerned when daughter did not answer her phone and was missing all Saturday.

When her mother went to her house on Monday she found her daughter dead and in a state of decay. Her body was wrapped in a sheet, with hands tied by rope.

Family members reported that Alexandra had a troubled relationship. Police arrested

On Wednesday, March 31st police under the command of delegate Eliane Moraes arrested Marcelo de Almeida Moura. He is being held in Capão Grande jail.

As reported, Alexandra and Marcelo were in a troubled relationship. Days before committing the murder, Marcelo, who had been wearing an anklet by court order, broke the equipment and registered a police report claiming that he was forced to dispose of the device when five men threatened him.

After killing Alexandra, the suspect took her cell phone and posted on the victim’s social networks, saying “#partiuRondonopolis”, implying that the victim had left her home. However, Alexandra was dead in the bathroom of her home.

The police verified that Marcelo already had a criminal record, with a history of homicide and rape, committed against his own sister.

According the the TDoR project Alexandra Monteiro was the the 63rd trans person murdered since our TDor on the November 20, 2020. However there have been seven more brazilian trans women murdered since she was found on March 7, 2021.

R.I.P Alexandra Monteiro

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