Anchorage voters have defeated Proposition 1—the dangerous initiative that sought to repeal basic protections for our transgender neighbors, family and friends under municipal law.

With 76K+ votes in, our NO campaign is leading by 52.7%, with only 47.3% voting Yes. So while the municipality will not certify the election results until next Friday, we are confident that, at this point, it would be impossible for Prop 1 to pass.

Throughout our campaign, we were able to consistently amplify the stories and lived experiences of transgender people. Two members of our campaign leadership Denise Sudbeck and Lillian Lennon, both shared their stories of overcoming adversity to help shepherd our campaign to success. We heard from a variety of people, from activist MoHagani Magnetek to Samuel Ohana, who was discriminated against at his job. One of our most effective messengers, high school student Col Lockard, bravely appeared in one of our television ads, telling Anchorage his fears and concerns about Prop 1 becoming law. In addition, we saw a moving piece from Andrea Redeker, a local transgender woman who canvassed in the final days to defeat Proposition 1.

To every transgender person who shared your story and spoke out against Proposition 1: This is your victory. Thank you for your courage and bravery.