Trans Teen Fired after media runs story of him making the Football Team

Kenny Cooley

 Kenny Cooley


A transgender teen, Kenny Cooley, is reporting that he has been fired from his job at McDonalds two days after a news report focusing on him being the first transgender football player on his school team.
Kenny has reported to the media that he has faced a backlash from his employer following reports by Metro News and ABC in which his success in starting as a Warriors wide receiver was profiled.  He has said that only two days after the report appeared in the Canadian publication he was called into his manager’s office and told that his employment was being terminated, in part because of scheduling mishaps, but also due to media attention.

The owner-operator of the McDonalds where Kenny works, Bob Smith, has released a statement saying that he is ‘shocked by these allegations as they are simply not true’.  He went on to say, ‘I have been a local business owner for more than 25 years and pride myself on operating an open and diverse workplace.  At my restaurants, inclusion has always been an important part of my work culture.
‘Our philosophy has always been to ‘bring your whole self to work’.  By doing so we encourage an open and accepting workplace that allows everyone to contribute to their personal best.’
The local LGBT+ advocacy group has called for an official apology and for Kenny to be given his job back.
‘Youth are constantly telling us that they’re denied employment opportunities because they’re trans – we hear it happen all the time,’ Youth Project director Kate Shewan spoke out on the incident.
Despite Kenny’s mother stating that she wishes to take McDonalds to court over the incident he has simply stated that he wants to receive an apology over the incident.


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  1. How can anyone be expected to bring their whole self to work when they don’t know if they can trust the people they are working with and when they know the people in this world (whores of babylon) are inherently evil!

    More transparency next time!


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