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Transgender teacher’s suicide was covered up by MPS after a decade of staff bullying says friend

Milwaukee School System
Karis Anne Ross

Friends are holding the Milwaukee School System (MPS) in part responsible of the suicide of transgender teacher Karis Anne Ross. Friends say that the principal ignored her in death even saying the MPS tried to cover up her suicide, an allegation not directly disputed by her mother.

Transgender teacher Karis Anne Ross short life was commemorated by family and friends last Sunday remembering  her as an authentic hero. Karis, 37, took her life last November unable to cope with the bullying, not by some reprobate on the street, but by her fellow employees at the Milwaukee German Immersion School. In her suicide note, she named who was responsible writing that her complaints to MPS superintendent Dr. Darienne Driver over the last ten years of her life went unheeded.

Milwaukee School System
Katrina Rose’ poignant comment on the CBS article

“I don’t blame MPS for my daughter’s death,” said her mother Jill Greinke. “I believe the sad thing it that important things were missed.”

“The way it was handled is disappointing,” a friend Madeline Dietrich, told CBS 58. “That it seemed to be more covered up than shared.”

In order to bring change, Dietrich is calling attention to the issue, writing an open letter to MPS superintendent Dr. Darienne Driver which describes in detail the bullying and the schools inaction which reads in part.

Adding insult to injury, MPS made no attempt to contact Ms. Ross’ family for nearly two weeks. Dr. Brugger sent flowers and a card, but made no official announcement to MGIS faculty and staff, who only learned of the suicide from Ms. Ross’ uncle when he arrived to collect her personal belongings.

CBS 58

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. Was she on head meds? To people with suidical thoughts, they give head meds which cause suicidal thoughts. Go figure.


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