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Transgender student Sage Lovell, Walton High junior gets elected to Homecoming Court

Cob county 2
Sage Lovell walks to the crowning with her court.

Sage Lovell stands with her adoring dad making history in conservative Cob County Georgia.

As transgender people have gained acceptance, the real battle for our future, and one we are wining is in the nation’s schools. Even so, Sage wasn’t expecting the cheers and shouts of joy heralding her win.

Her school erupted in cheers

“I couldn’t stop smiling,” said Sage, who said she heard word of the final vote count while in her homeroom class. “My entire homeroom erupted in very loud cheering. Apparently it was able to be heard from across the school.”

As for being elected to homecoming court as a transgender student in traditionally conservative Cobb County, Lovell understands the significance of the achievement.

“It means a lot to me, in a place where people tend to be extremely conservative, that something this liberal would happen,” she said. “It means so much.”

She said she is the only openly transgender woman at Walton, but there are others at the school who identify as something other than how they were born.

When she needs to use the restroom, Sage said there are two facilities on Walton’s campus that have a single toilet and doors that lock that have been dubbed the unofficial “gender neutral” bathrooms for herself and other transgender or “non-conforming” students.

That was an issue members of the Cobb Board of Education said they have not dealt with before, and they were surprised to learn of Sage’s nomination Friday. Interim Superintendent Chris Ragsdale said there is no policy for bathroom usage for transgender students.

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