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Transgender refugee denied US entry murdered in San Salvador


Aurora and her friend Paola came to the United States a year ago seeking refuge from the murderous transphobia in El Salvador. They were denied due to the Trump administrations immigration policies and sent back to the capital, San Salvador.

In the dawn, Aurora was found dead, murdered by the people she told immigration about. This short article is in memory of Aurora and in hope that one day the US can again become a true beacon of hope.

Diversidad Sin Fronteras wrote,

Aurora a transgender woman who a year ago came to the Butterfly Garden in search of refuge the garden received her … with the only reason to emigrate to the United States because they were fleeing from the transphobia that was happening in the life of she arrived with her friend Paola another transsexual woman made the process of crossing the United States and do the time they ask … They did not succeed in migrating … Migration deported them again to San Salvador Aurora was murdered of the people who One day she said that they were going to kill her and today they were dawn. She was dead.

She did not deserve to be killed in this way. We knew her. She was a great human being. A humble woman. the pain and the impotence of knowing what happened to her life and that they did not listen to her and that they did not believe her, all she wanted was to live hopefully that her life would change as he crossed. Like many more of the LGBTTTI community ? ️?They are killed They are killing this must stop just homophobia just transphobia lesfobia ?Jardin De Las Mariposas seizes the pain of knowing that a sister was killed we will remember you when you arrived the first time and when you left you rest in peace at Aurora☦ ️?️??️??️??️??️??️??️??️??️??️??️? By Garden of the Butterflies.

Trump is sending LGBTQ migrants ‘back to hell’

The Washington Post

“That is particularly true in the case of those from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, the so-called Northern Triangle countries of Central America where sexual and gender-based violence is pervasive,,,,

R.I.P. Aurora

Kelli Buseyhttps://planettransgender.com
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender



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