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US Trans population doubled! Where’s your state rank?

Transgender population doubled
A lot more people are raising their hands and identifying as transgender.

The Williams Institute’s June 2016 survey reports that the transgender population doubled since 2011, the last time the number was estimated. The 2011 survey, pegged our numbers at just .03% of the population or roughly 700,000 people. That number has often been referenced by hate groups working against transgender progress with the meme to ‘protect all’ against being discomforted by an almost non-existent voiceless inconsequential minority. Add that idea to the inevitable albeit imaginary herds of perverts who would come out as trans to peep in bathrooms and presto, a vile minority to exclude, even kill, justified by a Christian Bible (which if they read embraced transsexuality three times)!

Transgender population doubled
A handout a friend found who frequently travels through the city.

That meme just worked in Texarkana Arkansas where voters turned out 4-1 to overturn the city council’s trans-inclusive ordinance during the same week that SecDef Ash Carter announced the end of the military trans ban.

The method that the William Institute used to get these new figures came from extracting data from a national CDC survey. There are no national  polls asking about transgender/cisgender status so the newest estimate is that, just an estimate.

It’s possible that there’s a whole lot more of us than the latest educated guess would suggest.

Jody Herman, a public policy scholar at the Williams Institute at the University of California at Los Angeles, told VOA Thursday that the results are from people self-reporting on U.S. government surveys. She said while the study did not examine the factors behind the rise in self-identification, growing social acceptance of transgender people might have influenced the rise in numbers.

“That’s one possible explanation,” she said, “that it’s becoming more mainstream.” She says that as social acceptance of transgender identity grows, it is likely that people would be more willing to identify as such on a survey.”

That and being transgender used to be the last thing anyone could ever wish to be, a curse, a cruel joke by a vindictive god, loss of cis privilege, and possible death sentence. But then there’s the Mike Huckabee clone who commented on the VOA article….

Transgender population doubled

What changes now than an estimated.06% of US citizens or 1.4 million people are transgender? And why so many more now? I’ve seen people say it’s the water, the result of liberal state governments, a white thing or somehow a natural progression into rapture (which of course wouldn’t occur if not for those transgenders).

Transgender population doubled
Very interesting to note that southern conservative states like my Texas define a darker blue line, while some mof the progressives states directly north are a lighter shade. Are we bluer than blue? Who knew?! Maybe the Texas Gov and AG? Perhaps they are afraid their misogynistic,  transphobic, nihilistic ‘Christian’ party might be ousted by an educated and unafraid trans friendly voter base? We can only hope and work like crazy to make just that happen.

Transgender population doubled
Transgender population doubled

Read the full Williams report here

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