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Trans model Arisce Wanzer Spiegel cover

Arisce Wanzer

Outspoken model Arisce Wanzer is the first transgender woman to make the catalog’s cover since Spiegel was founded in 1865.

How many of us grew up clandestinely peeking at Spiegel, gazing furtively at the magazine? I was intrigued by the catalog who’s title translates to “mirror”. But in the early 70’s the reason for that connection was a mystery to me. In my adolescence, pre-internet, my affinity for woman’s clothing seemed somehow shameful and confusing and was a basis for what we have come to understand as gender dysphoria.

Fast forward 45 years, and an out transgender woman has graced the cover for the first time. Slay model Arisce Wanzer has been featured on the cover! Arisce Wanzer who’s hallmark intro “they asked for a six-foot model, not whether you had a penis or not’ gained icon status as her byline in oxygen’s made for cable “Strut” reality show.

Arisce Wanzer who is represented by the all transgender modeling agency LA-based Slay modeling agency was recently joined by another model Alex , who’s only 12! Yet another break-through for the agency.


In an interview with Galore Alex talks about her new gig and founder Slay Cecilio Asuncion the reason for starting the all transgender agency.

Galore: Alex, have you always wanted to be a model?

Alex: Well, a lot of kids want to be rockstars, or be famous, you know? I’ve wanted to be a model for a while now, because I definitely want to be famous. And so far it’s been so exciting, and so cool, but I’ve never been in a magazine before, so I’m really excited for this.

How did you end up signing with Slay?

A: My mom came across a Facebook advertisement for Slay while we were driving back from my summer camp. She told me about Cecilio, and about how he was the guy starting an all-trans modeling agency, and we just thought it sounded really cool so we sent in an application.

Cecilio Asuncion: After we got picked up and featured on a variety of media outlets, I got a ton of applications in—I wasn’t really looking for children, but when Lisa sent me Alex’s photos, we set up a meeting, and did some test shoots, and she looked great.

And can I ask, as the founder of Slay, if you’ve had a specific or main mission with your work at the agency?

C: Well, our whole thing is that we’re not about sensationalizing the trans aspect of these models. A lot of these models, in the past, have gone to agencies and been forced to hide their truth—and unfortunately you can’t really be a model that lives up to your potential unless you’re open about who you are.

Kelli Buseyhttps://planettransgender.com
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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