Transgender Man Found Murdered & Mutilated


Yoshi Tsuchida, 32, was found dead in his Tokyo home yesterday by his adopted son, with his head covered in a plastic bag and his face removed.

Mr Tsuchida’s 28-year-old son, who has not been named, returned to their shared home on thursday morning.  He went to bed, but awoke later to find his father dead, according to a local police spokesperson.

‘When I woke up my father was bleeding from the face’ Jiji Press reported him saying, citing police reports.  It is not uncommon in Japan for adults to be adopted, hence the small age gap between Mr Tsuchida and his son.

Reports cite a history of violence between the two of them, and that police officers had visited the home on multiple occasions responding to reports of loud voices and people fighting.

It’s also being reported that Mr Tsuchida’s son is also transgender and receiving female hormone treatment, but still identifies as male at this time.

It has not yet been established if this is to be considered a hate crime, or if it unrelated to Yoshi Tsuchida’s transgender status.


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