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Transgender Incarceration

Transgender inmate Ashley Diamond smuggles out video of the real OITNB

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Ashley Diamonds

Stopping the rape of transgender prisoners was supposed to be a top priority of the Obama administration. However when the victims are invisible its easy to forget them. But it’ll be hard to forget Ashley after watching her short videos.

Source A transgender woman from Rome who’s behind bars says in court documents that she’s recorded videos in her cell that plead for help against sexual abuse and enslavement.

Ashley Diamond filed this month a supplement to her ongoing federal civil lawsuit against the Georgia Department of Corrections and prison officials.

In it she claims that videos filmed in her prison cell are on YouTube and describe the abuse she’s endured while behind bars.

The 11 short videos, entitled “Memoirs of a Chain Gang Sissy,” purportedly show Diamond and others discussing the rape and abuse they’ve experienced while incarcerated.

“While it seems like the world is obsessed with ‘Orange is the New Black,’ I’m living it,” the video states.

“I’m an American citizen, I’m a Christian and I’m also transgender,” the video continues.


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